About PAM

Para Artist Management Institution Outline

・Connecting disability and society through the arts.

・All share together on the same stage
・There is no superiority or inferiority in the work that is born, whether disabled or elderly, adult or child.

What we do

 1. Para International Music Competition We organize the Para International Music Competition, where musicians from all over the world can enter. The aim of the competition is to distinguish and promote the hidden talents and efforts of musicians with disabilities. In addition, we able to share their significant musical gifts with many people.


 2. Para Music International Symposium The Para Music International Symposium offers opportunities to cultivate an understanding of the issues related to people with disabilities. The symposium is opened not only to musicians with disabilities but also to the people who are connected to those musicians. The attendees have a chance to exchange their stories and experiences. In addition, workshops, public lectures, and research projects are offered to foster learning experiences regarding issues of people with disabilities. 


 3. PAM Classical Music Festival PAM Classical Music Festival offers everyone opportunities to listen, enjoy, share, and be inspired by the music played by people with disabilities. 


 4. PAM Artist Concert Registered musicians with PAM collaborate with professional musicians at PAM Artist Concert. We also send messages to the public regarding disabilities and other social issues through music. 

We are all rough diamonds; 

our unique talents are often hidden but will shine through polishing and appreciation.

 The arts offer opportunities for us to express ourselves regardless of our abilities. In addition, art can manifest its gift fairly regardless of our abilities.

 However, we tend to behave with our stereotypes or fixed mindsets. Thus, many of us are hesitant to show our beautiful uniqueness and struggle to express ourselves freely.

 Nevertheless, when people with disabilities create art or play music, they express their spirits and feelings naturally and earnestly without hesitance. The way they create can move us profoundly; it manifests the power of humanity.

 We are all rough diamonds. PAM would like to help polish rough diamonds. The radiance will touch our hearts and inspire us. Inspiration can bring happiness to us too.

Our Mission

Although each of us is gifted differently, our individual talents are often unknown or inhibited. Especially people with disabilities face challenges in reaching out to the community to share their talents.

 We are committed to fostering their unique talents and sharing their power of creativity with everyone.

Our Approaches

We nurture creativity from various musical expressions and present music that inspires many people in Japan. In addition, we collaborate with musicians from overseas because there are no borders for music. 

Our Philosophy

 We organize and promote classical music venues for people with disabilities; however, we don’t focus on showcasing their techniques or musicality. We aim to be a vehicle to deliver messages written by those musicians. The musicians express their unique musical senses and understanding, and the music emerging from them is highly creative. The beauty and power of it enhances their well-being
and they can find healing in the music.

 For example, violin players love the sound they can make on the violin and send messages that emerge from their love of the music. Their music reveals their emotions and changes from time to time. Sometimes their message contains sorrow, while other times, it expresses happiness. We hope the listeners will capture the moments when the sounds touch their hearts; the sensibility enriches people’s lives.

In general, professional performers analyze pieces of music written by a composer, endeavor to understand the emotions and concepts involved in it, and then express them with their techniques and sensibilities. Although it is more challenging for players with disabilities to analyze written pieces, especially for a person with significant disabilities, it is fascinating to hear how they express the composers’ emotions and intentions with their music. We seek music that touches our hearts, and their music touches our hearts.

Mariko Shimada Chair of Para Artist Management (PAM)

For a place where everyone can shine through the arts

The Para Artists Management Association (PAM) is an organization that

for people with any kind of disability to find their great talent through music and art activities.

Myokoji, Tokinoshima, Ichinomiya, Aichi, Japan

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