Masataka Ota / Piano and Composition


Autistic spectrum disorder.

Graduated from the National Conservatory of Music, Department of Composition and Arrangement. Completed research course.

Started playing improvised music at the age of four and has been composing many pieces ever since.

Despite being hospitalised for a long time due to panic disorder, her passion for the piano has never wavered and she has won numerous awards both in Japan and abroad, including the Grand Prix.

In 2009, she won the grand prize in the music category of the ‘Osaka Prefecture Art and Culture Contest for Persons with Disabilities 2009’.

2013 ‘3rd Vienna International Piano Festival for Persons with Disabilities 2013’, Bronze Prize and Original Work Prize.

2017 ’14th Gold Concert’, Grand Prix.

2018 ‘4th Anhard Note Piano Para in NewYork 2018’ Silver Prize.

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