Motonari Hibi / Piano


Born in 2009.

A few days after his birth, he underwent radical surgery for heart disease (right pulmonary artery aortic root disease).
He then underwent a tracheotomy and spent his days at home and in the hospital as a child in medical care.
After successful extubation at the age of 4, he continued to have difficulties with voice development and language acquisition, but was diagnosed as mentally retarded and autistic.

He began piano lessons at the age of five in a group lesson at the kindergarten he attended.

Gradually transitioned from rhythmic to piano lessons, and began taking private lessons in the third grade of elementary school.
Currently, he is studying under Megumi Takahashi at the Richemore Conservatory of Music.

He won the Bronze Prize and the Katsuhiro Naito Prize at the 12th European International Piano Competition in Japan in the 5th and 6th grade elementary school division.

Gold Prize in the Junior High School Division and the Jury’s Special Prize at the 13th European International Piano Competition in Japan.

13th Japan Bach Competition in Japan, Junior High School B Division, National Competition, Incentive Prize.

Participated in the 5th Anhardnote Para Concert – Aiming for Paris 2024.

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