Toya Kawaguchi / Piano


Autism spectrum with intellectual disability. Tourette’s syndrome (tic disorder).


Born in Fukuoka, Japan, he attended Yamaha Music School from age 2 and began private piano lessons at age 4.
Studied under Mayumi Hanada.
He also became interested in violin and started learning at the age of 8.


Although he has some difficulties due to her tic symptoms, sensory sensitivity caused by her disability, and various other characteristics, he finds emotional support in playing the piano and violin, which he loves.


he has a big dream “to be a pianist in the future” and is studying hard every day.


Participated in the 20th International Chopin Piano Competition in Asia National Competition
1991 Sumirekai Music Competition, Fukuoka City Mayor Prize
2019 17th Ariake Junior Piano Competition, Omuta Musicians’ Association Prize
2020 The 33rd Kyushu-Yamaguchi Junior Piano Competition, Excellent Prize
2022 Oto-no-Yume Piano Competition, Paralympic Course, Gold Prize, Special Jury Prize

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