PAM Artist

Yuika Nishihama / Piano and Composition

Profile and Background

Graduated from Kobe College School of Music, majoring in piano

Studied piano under Kazumi Kobayashi and voice under Ayako Suo
Selected for the Nara Prefectural and Nara City Newcomer Concerts

Awarded the 17th Gold Concert Jury’s Special Prize

She has been composing solo piano compositions since her student days, and specializes in healing music.

Currently, she runs “Nishiyama Piano School (Music School)” where both people with and without disabilities can learn, in order to give lessons according to each person’s characteristics and to convey the joy of music to those who have difficulties in life and those with disabilities.

She also regularly gives solo performances at schools and events. She also provides a wide range of support for people with disabilities, including music therapy, guide helpers for people with intellectual disabilities, and piano instructors at community activity support centers.

Head office  Myokoji, Tokinoshima, Ichinomiya, Aichi, Japan

Kobe Office  6-1, Matsuda Building 1F, 4-9-15 Yamamoto-dori, Chuo-ku, Kobe, Hyogo, Japan

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