2. Yukiko Ono / Balafon

Yukiko Ono / Balafon

She is on the autism spectrum, repetitive depressive disorder, and panic disorder.


At the age of 22, he began playing the djembe and dundun, instruments that represent traditional West African music, and traveled to Guinea to study with Nansady Keïta.

After returning to Japan, he played in the band “Manden Foli” led by Mamoudou Diabate for about two years.

After returning to Japan, he studied with Mamady Keïta, Famoudou Konate, and.Lamine Youl Diabate in their workshops, and began teaching himself balafon, kora, etc. He has participated in various live performances. He has participated in various live performances.


She began performing solo at the 1st Para International Music Competition in 2022.

With the theme of “Music and Healing,” she is currently trying to perform beyond genres in order to contribute to society and participate in it through her performances, and to deliver the splendor of West African music, the simple sounds of the instruments, and important messages to as many people as possible.