2. Yusaku Sakata / Horn

Yusaku Sakata / Horn

Visually impaired, totally blind.

Born in Kanagawa Prefecture, started playing the horn at the age of 13.

First prize at the 65th Helen Keller Memorial Music Competition.

Second prize (highest prize) in the ensemble section at the 24th Nagae Cup International Music Competition.

Performed in the ’70th Anniversary Chapel Recital’ organised by the Youth Music Association, the ’77th Tokyo International Art Association Newcomer’s Concert (Jury Prize)’, etc.

In 2017, performed Mozart’s Horn Concerto No. 3 and other works in the presence of the current Empress.

Studied horn under Mitsuru Omigawa, Yasushi Katsumata, Nobuyo Fukukawa and Tatsuro Hihashi.

Attended master classes with Dariusz Mikulski.

In addition to solo, chamber, brass band and orchestra activities, he also teaches at elementary and junior high schools.

In 2018, he also founded Dominant, a performance group of visually impaired musicians, which has been performing regularly since then.

He is a member of the Kobaken and Friends Orchestra and the Schoenberg Philharmonic Orchestra.

Graduated from the Music Department of the Senior High School for Visual Special Needs of the University of Tsukuba and from the Tokyo College of Music (first Braille user), majoring in instrumental music.

Currently a non-degree student of the Graduate School of Music at the same university.